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Family tavern "Giannis Family"

Tastes worth to enjoy! Since 1990 at Matala...

August 20th, 2011

The Giannis Family tavern is in Matala of Crete. The tavern is located near the central square of Matala and offers a wide and rich variety of traditional and seafood dishes and appetizers.

Since 1990, the tavern Giannis Family proves in practice that the area has much more to offer than mere 'tourist' options.

Traditional dishes prepared with love

Food here is always tasty, perfectly cooked, of high quality and close to the tradition, attracting thus all ages seeking authentic tastes. Everyday we serve traditional mezedes and tasty dishes, cooked or grilled, fresh fish and seafood, all prepared with love. Most of the ingredients (such as oil and vegetables) are produced by us; as a result we have full control of their appropriateness, something that is reflected in the quality of the food.

Raki or Tsikoudia

The wide variety of wines, both bottled or in bulk, along with the also wide variety of beers, will complete ideally the dish of your choice. In the end, you can enjoy raki (of our own production), raki with lemon, rakomelo (raki and honey) dessert and fresh fruits.

The Giannis Family tavern is open all year round, for your convenience. The menu is available in Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Dutch.

The excellent and fast service and the quality of the food impress our guests and guarantee a delicious meal.

It is not a random fact that our guests prefer us and trust us for the quality of our food.

Bon appetit and enjoy your stay.

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